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our average First Year sales rep makes over $20,000 in a 3 month summer

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Imagine what it would be like to graduate debt free. Or better yet, imagine making enough to cover college, living expenses and a new car, all while having enough left over to invest in your future.


Aptive is a nationwide pest control company that has recently been recognized as the fastest growing service company in the nation. We are known for our successful summer sales program that was designed specifically for college students. Reps go door-to-door selling year-long pest service contracts in one of our many offices around the country.

Aptive has been recognized by some of the world's biggest brands for our elite training, high success rate, high commission payouts, and friendly work environment.

This is a job that requires hard work and discipline and has the power to teach you skills that will bring you success for the rest of your life.

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Success Stories

Last year alone, Aptive paid out over 51 million dollars in commissions to its college sales reps. Among the many regions within Aptive, the Elite Region boasts some of the most impressive averages.

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Austin Stoker
"Stability for my family"
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Tyler Smith
$30,000 First Summer!
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Ryan Myers
$65,000 First Summer!
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Weston Killpack 👨🏻
"BEst Decision I Ever Made"
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Dave Harker
$62,000 In One Summer
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So, what can you stand to make by coming and working with us...?

Well, here's what our average sales reps make.

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See what happened when popular Youtuber Meet Kevin came out on the doors with us!

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Warning: This job is not for everyone. We only accept hard working individuals that can handle stress and/or rejection. Aptive is a community minded organization, and one of the most important requirements for joining our sales region is being able to work well with others.

While you will be working alone on the doors, teamwork is essential to the success of the entire group.

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